Pre-Seed & Start-Up Funding


HW Pre-Seed Investment Fund programme is a combination of seed stage investing plus start-up business mentorship for entrepreneurs.

What makes this programme unique is, during the investment stage, there are classes being conducted by selected entrepreneurs that had been through seed stage to success exist, or entrepreneurs who managed to build a business empire from ground zero.

HW Pre-Seed Investment Fund programme has no age limit. We passionately encourage people from all walks of life, at any age, to fulfil their dream, and living their dream.

“It’s never too late to do or start anything. Any time is a good time.”

This is one of our motto in encouraging people to come out of their comfort zone, and start bringing out the hidden talent inside them that is dying to contribute to the world.

Our programme selects only people who take initiatives and get things done, are responsible, positive thinker, positive speaker, posses good manners, humble, eager to learn and to contribute, and understand well cause and effect for own actions.

Here is a very good example of how an 11 year old girl understood the fundamental principal, and got selected to Warren Buffett’s seed programme.

HW Pre-Seed Investment Fund programme covers the following categories:

  • Hardware Design
  • Software Development
  • Support Services
  • Internet-based Businesses

Our HW Seeders would be the people who affect their local economies through job creation. New jobs in the SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises) sector are very important to society.

Between 1980 and 2005, all net job growth came from firms younger than five years old. And in times of economic downturns, small businesses can buck overall trends by creating new opportunities instead of scaling back.

Jobs that created by Seeders are brand-new, high-value knowledge worker jobs. And even if an individual start-up fails, founders’ experiences will be very valuable to traditional corporate employers.

Here is a great quote that everyone should remember:

“Entrepreneurship is a mindset that every person on the planet needs.”

HW Seeders – and the jobs they create – are a positive change in the economic infrastructure and future mankind culture.

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