Land Development

Tyumen map

One of our biggest land development project, Tyumen region, Russia.

Tyumen region has an area of 1,435,200 km² form a “link” between the eastern and western areas of the country.

Little known facts about Tyumen region:

  • 1st place in the ranking of family income and employment
  • 1st place in the rating of investment attractiveness
  • 2nd place in the rating of the effectiveness of the regional government
  • 2nd place in the rating of human development index
  • 2nd place in housing construction per capita


In 2011, Russian sociologists concluded the research of, which part of Russia consists of the happiest people.

According to the polls, the highest proportion of people who are satisfied with their lives is in Tyumen region. 81% of the respondents said they are happy.


Some of our investment and development in Tyumen region: