Humanitarian Projects


No. This is not a city development.

This is a Syrian refugee camp in Jordan, the Zaatari camp, which has become Jordan’s fifth largest city. There are no trees or bushes to provide shade on sun-baked land which was previously snake and scorpion-infested scrubland.

Everyday there are 6,000 new refugee coming to the camp fleeing their country from the dictatorship of their president.

Mothers whose husbands had stayed at home to fight arrived with only the clothes they were wearing. They struggled to hammer tent pegs into the baked-dry earth to provide shelter for their hungry children.

Every day some 12 to 15 babies are born at Zaatari.

The overcrowded 2.8 square mile camp costs £700,000 a day to run, and is putting strain on Jordan’s scant resources.

Minister Nasser Judeh said: “We said when we opened this camp that we look forward to the day we will celebrate closing it.”

Here, we will help you to close it.

This new home-building system is considered the best low cost building system in regards to urgent social needs. It is capable of building 25 low cost house in a day, with one machine.

Watch how this system could cast a wall without bricks, in 30 minutes.

It can be used in apartments or buildings not more than 25 storeys.

This project was done in Malaysia

This project was done in Malaysia

Besides low cost houses, this system can also make a beautiful one like this too.

This project was done in Croatia

This project was done in Croatia

Eventually, our vision is this:

A new city for people that need it most

A new city for people that need it most