Green Farming


HW Green Farming is proud to bring the world produce from a self-sustainable system called the HW Green Farming Project.

HW Green Farming Project will become the second largest organic agricultural project in the world – aftering the Green Cane Project.

This project integrated the most modern available technologies with traditional techniques of production, aiming to preserve, restore and improve the environment.

Through this project, crops are cultivated with organic inputs and natural biological controls.

HW Green Farming Project is currently being implemented in wheat, corn, barleys, rye, sunflower oil, palm oil and fruits farms.

This project encourages harmonious co-habitation between economic activity and wild life by supporting reforestation program and protection of wild life.

HW Green Farming Project supports Fair Trade system, and is currently cooperating with farmers from developing countries in South America, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia.

By implementing HW Business Solution, HW Green Farming Project is the first ever producer to implement advanced supply chain system in farming industry.

We are proud to be able to:

  • Increase the crops harvest rate by 30% in the same period of time.
  • Reduce warehouse inventory by 50% for both ends (at the farm and customers’)- this directly reduce unnecessary investment and space required for storage.
  • Provide on time delivery based on actual customers’ orders.
  • Increase revenue by 20%.
  • Most importantly, receiving payment in time and maintain healthy cash flow through out the whole supply chain.