Our traditional education is excellent in developing theoretical knowledge, and very age dependant.

More and more parents realised, besides theoretical knowledge, we also need overall balance development that includes building confidence inside out, instil positive thinking, and tactfully handle life issues.

In order to encourage continuous education, we build schools for people who really want to continue their education at any age. (check this page at a later stage for more updates on this)

We also create add-on education programmes that could help in building positive character and equip our next generation with better skills in handling the ups and downs of life.

Currently, we have Confidence Building programme for teenagers (age around 14-16) who are going to sit for their final exam.

For more than 10 years involving in education, we found the key to score well in exams is not because the students were extra smart. It was the self-confidence the students had during that particular period.

Through our Confidence Building programme, we also tackle bully issues that students face in school, in family and among peers.

We have big goal in education development. We truly understand in order to have a happier and more fulfilling life, we need to continuously educate ourselves in various aspects.

A better future is really heavily depending on what kind of next generation we are moulding right now.

So, stay tune with us on this development.