Despite all the violences, dreaded wars, inhuman killings, dictatorship governments that take advantage of their own civilians, we would like to remind mankind though what we see is true, the opposite of these is true as well.

The root cause for all these distorted human behaviours, is actually very simple.

It is because these people don’t know they have the power within themselves to create a wonderful life by themselves; or they don’t know how to obtain what they want with their own hands in a positive way.

Taking from others seems to be the easiest - or the reality is - the laziest way.

The good news is, only brightness can overcome darkness.

To light up a dark room, just switch on the light or do whatever you can to light up the room.

Bring the light in mankind has become our corporation’s mission.

Happy World Corp is an investment holding and development corporation. We form companies, create industries, jobs, quality living in various areas, with positivity.

The wider and diversified we go, we are lighting up each part of the earth - step by step.

Don’t get us wrong. We are not any angels that drop from the sky to “save the earth”.

We are just normal passionate (sorry can’t help that) human being like you, who are experts in his/her special talent, and live in different continents in this world.

The most interesting part is, you find us in the category of: 40s babies, 50s babies, 60s babies, 70s babies, and 80s babies! (we are hoping to welcome 90s babies real soon)

But we all have the same great passion and vision, which is - to inspire and create more positive impact in the world.

If you do share the same passion and vision with us, and want to wake up in the morning full of excitement to start your day, we welcome you to come join our team with widely open arms.

Write to us HERE, and tell us your dream that you would like to create.