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Invest and Develop

A project that adds value is selected. The development is being contributed by each individual's unique talent.

Ongoing Development


Want a better and happier life? You must be the change you wish to see in your life. And that starts from education.

Land Development

Every soil is ploughed with sweat, with heart and a great vision. Without vision, human being is perished.

Green Technology

It is the constant desire to add more value to mankind that makes all these technologies possible.

Global Trading

We are the bridges for businesses in Middle East, Europe and Asia. Trading in oil&gas products, edible oils, machinery and more.

Pre-Seed & Start-Up Funding

Do you have a great idea / talent that you are dying to contribute to the world? And you can't wait to start the next morning to materialise it?

HW Philanthropic Foundation

Happy World Corp utilises new technologies in all the humanitarian projects. From building system to clothing to health care.

Project Investment

Every project is worth to be proud of. But we strongly suggest you to shed off your illusion ego outer shell before entering this door.

Green Farming

With the help of green technology and advanced business operation system, we are building the dream of our future.